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How Rid of Wrinkles with Witch Hazel Cream

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witch hazel Hamamelis Virginiana is a species of Witch-Hazel native to eastern North America, from Nova Scotia west to Minnesota, and south to central Florida to eastern Texas. It is a large shrub growing to 6 m rarely to 10 m tall that shed their leaves in the fall, with a close-together cluster of stems from the foot of the base.

The bark is light brown, smooth, rough, inner bark reddish purple. The branches are young at first, later smooth, light orange brown, marked with occasional white dots, finally dark or reddish brown. The plants buds are sensitive, slightly curved, silky, light brown.

The leaves are oval, 3.7–16.7 cm long and 2.5–13 cm large, at an angle at the base, delicate or rounded at the top, with a curly-toothed and with little space between the bottom and top, and a short, fleshy leafstalk 6–15 mm long; the thick central vein that runs from the base of a leaf to its apex is more or less hairy, fleshy, with six to seven pairs of primary veins.

The young leaves open and rolling inward, covered with stellate rusty down; when full grown, they are dark green above, and pale beneath. In fall, they turn yellow with rusty spots. The leaf has either of a pair of small growths at the base of a leaf stalk or stem that resemble leaves, delicate; they fall soon after the leaf opens out.

Well we know how it looks and where it grows etc etc etc…….. Now let us know how to use the Witch-Hazel to rid of wrinkles.

If you have begun to see small lines and wrinkles, you also need witch hazel for its antioxidant distinctive features. It can destroy some of the free essentials that are causing your wrinkles, giving your skin a smoother feel. This is something that no man-made astringent can do- it's something that many low-cost wrinkle creams don't even do.

Creams prepared with witch hazel can be externally applied on the skin for wrinkles. Witch hazel is also an effective crows feet and its something we all hate. Although witch hazel is rarely taken internally, when consumed, it also helps for wrinkles also. Drink 2 cups of infused tea made from 10 grams of Witch-Hazel.

When applied externally on the face, creams made from witch hazel extracts in no doubt it will help. See my other article on How to Make Cream and Ointments http://www.firehow.com/2010090519568/how-to-make-cream-and-ointments.html 

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jswana said:

Wonderful guidelines. I use witch hazel all the time. Thanks for sharing.
September 08, 2010
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