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How to Recycle Wine Bottles, Corks, and Labels
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Written by Peggy Hazelwood   

empty wine bottles Recycle your used wine bottles to keep them out of the landfill. Wine bottles, corks, and labels can be used in many craft activities for both children and adults.

1.  Rinse and Reuse

Use the empty wine bottle as a vase for long stemmed flowers.

Add a taper candle and you have an instant candle holder.

Store dry goods like rice and small pasta. Or store vinegar or oil in the bottles. Display on your counter top. Cork them with the original cork or buy corks at the hardware store.

Transport drinks in the wine bottles to a picnic or pot luck. Cap with the original cork or secure with plastic wrap and a rubber band. Lemonade and tea look beautiful in clear wine bottles.

2.  Save the Labels

Wine bottle labels can be beautiful mini works of art. Soak the empty wine bottle in warm water. The label should come off in the water or help it along by peeling it carefully at the loose edges. Frame a collage of wine bottle labels or just one. Or use them for scrap booking to commemorate a special occasion.

3.  Off with Your Neck!

Get a glass cutter and cut the neck off the wine bottles. Grind down the tops to make them smooth and use the empty wine bottles for drinking glasses or vases.

Use the empty wine bottle that's been cut to make candles. The beautiful label will accent the lovely scent of the candle.

4.  Corks, Corks, Corks

Make a cork board with wine bottle corks. Hot glue them to a board for a one of a kind bulletin board.

Use corks as a pin cushion. Glue one fancy rounded cork to the middle then make spokes out from the center with other corks to create a pin cushion for sewing.

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Susan Woods said:

Susan Golis
Peggy what a great article, my husband has a rather large collection of empty wine bottles and corks....now I can put them to good use.
September 10, 2010
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paul said:

Thanks for the recycling tips. 5*
October 11, 2010
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Carl Benjamin said:

Carl Benjamin
Always love recycling articles.
October 11, 2010
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walkaboutangel said:

Great ideas... Thanks

Wishing you a wonderful, magical day

October 11, 2010
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tracysmith159 said:

Wonderful uses for wine bottle. I like uses them for candles.
January 21, 2011
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bossypants said:

Genius ideas! Some wine bottles are so pretty, it seems a shame to toss them in the recycling bin. Now I don't have to!
September 23, 2011
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