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How to use Columbus Day Trivia

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Written by Bill Hanks   

Columbus Day makes for a great three day weekend in the Fall.  Many individuals like to set up special parties and events over this weekend.  In some places, it is the final chance to do something outdoors before the cold weather hits. This article is a set of trivia questions with answers at the end.  You can use these for your Columbus Day weekend events.

1.  In what year did Columbus set sail for the new world?

2.  What country did Columbus represent?

3.  Name the three ships that he used.

4.  How many individuals was his crew?

5.  Which ship was missing on his return?

6.   Which President declared Columbus Day a Federal Holiday?

7.  Did Columbus ever return to North America?

8.  Was Columbus ever arrested?

9.  Where was Columbus born?

10. What was the name he gave to the island he first landed on?

11.  On what date of the month did he land?

12.  What was the main reason for his voyage?

13.  Did Columbus prove the world was round or is it a myth?

14.  How many men remained behind, when Columbus returned?

15.  How many survived?

Answers; 1492, Spain, Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria, 90, Santa Maria, Kennedy, yes, yes, Italy, San Salvador. October 12, To find a new trade route to Asia, myth, 39, none.

Please feel free to use these trivia questions in your classroom or for family gatherings.

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