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How to Wrap your Hands before Boxing

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To not get hurt you need to use wraps while punching, and they can go under your gloves as well. The following is a step by step technique on how to put them on, by starting with the left hand.

Things You'll Need: hand wraps 1

First thing to do is to put your thumb through the loop of the wrap and keep your fingers spread wide apart so that it does not get too tight and bring it up and down your wrist. Wrap around your wrist three times with the palm of your hand facing down, and then bring the wrap diagonally across the back.


Next get the hand wrap down across your palm and wrap it three times around your knuckles and flip your hand over. Then wrap around your wrist again in a way that your hand is away from you and bring the wrap diagonally across the back of the hand put in between the thumb and your first finger.


Next enfold the hand wrap around your knuckles and make several figure eights around you hand and finish by having the wrap pointing up and to finish wrap around your wrist and attach the Velcro to hold it in place.

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