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How to Mountain Climb

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Do you want to learn how to mountain climb? Mountain climbing is a recreational sport that is practiced in many countries. Climbing a mountain is not easy because there are dangers involved. Many people have lost their lives while trying to climb mountains so it is very important that you learn how to climb mountains the correct way. This can also be a fun and enjoyable experience for beginners because when you accomplish the task, you feel like you have achieved a goal. Keep reading so that you can learn how to mountain climb.


Study and read as much information as you can about how to mountain climb. Read books and magazine publications about mountain climbing. Subscribe to a mountain climbing newsletter and utilize the internet to help you. Ask mountain climbing instructors how they learned to climb mountains. Join a mountain club association to find out what type of equipment and supplies you will need to start mountain climbing.


Take a mountain climbing training course or enroll in a mountain climbing school to help you learn how to mountain climb. Visit DMOZ.org and type “mountain climbing schools” in the gray search box. Review the list of mountain climbing schools and enroll into a program that you like. Complete the mountain climbing school program or training course. Always think safety first when you are mountain climbing.


Get ready to start mountain climbing. Plan your mountain climbing trip with an experienced certified mountain climbing instructor. Make sure you check weather conditions for date of your trip and do not go mountain climbing in bad weather. Keep you climbing check list handy which should include all equipment and supplies you will need for the trip. Use your skills and techniques that you learned in the school to climb mountains.



Never hike alone

Wear a helmet

Take a first kit

Get Mountain Climbing Check List



Mountain Safety





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December 02, 2010
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