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How to Make Treats for Birds

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There is an unusual pleasure in feeding birds. Of course, their foods are easily available in stores, but it is more fun to make some for them at home. In this article, instruction on how to make a comfort treat for birds is given. Good news is that its ingredients are very simple. Moreover, you can enjoy making this treat with your kids, for it involves no real cooking.

Things required:

5 Pine Cones

2 cups of organic unsalted peanut butter

2 cups of Cornmeal

Large bowl



A large tray


Step 1: In the bowl pour the peanut butter and cornmeal.

Step 2: With the help of the spatula blend them well.

Step 3: Take each pinecone and dip into the mixture.

Step 4: Place the coated pine cones on the tray.

Step 5: Then simply use the ribbons to hang the pinecones to tree stems of your garden.

Step 6: Enjoy watching the birds as they indulge themselves in having your treats.


*You can decorate your entire tree with these pinecone treats during the holiday season.

*You can turn the treat making task into a fun project for kids.

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Carl Benjamin said:

Carl Benjamin
What a unique bird treat. good job
August 25, 2010
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jswana said:

Nice, caring and tasteful way to feed the birds. Thanks for sharing.
August 26, 2010
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