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How to Make a Felt Ghost for Halloween

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Written by sabrina favoriti   

These felt ghosts can be fun to hang around your house or on your door and they are fun to make and it can be a good way to have some fun making them with your children or grandchildren or nieces and nephews.

Instructions Things You'll Need: 5 strands fine string paper Felt Scissors (heavy duty)


The first thing to do is to get a piece of the paper and crumple it up so it is in a ball shape. Then cut a circle from the felt and put it over the crumbled paper.


Second put the strands of strings around the top so it looks like a round head.


Next pull the body and adjust the bottom so that it flows and it seem s like a ghost that is wandering around.


The last step is to create the look by drawing the eyes and the mouth (which you can make happy, sad or angry) with a pen, magic marker or even old buttons.

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