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How to remove broken glass from your foot!

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Written by Natalie Mullins   

Breaking glass and getting in your foot seems to go hand in hand. Of course your first thought is to run straight to the doctor to have it taken out, but in reality you probably could have done it yourself and saved your self quite a bit of money. The glass can be removed at home with a couple of things you have laying around the house and then a little bit of follow up care given by yourself. You must be able to determine what you are able to take care of or if the area penetrated needs to have stitches or not.


In order to get rid of the glass you accidentally got into your foot, you will need a coupe of things.

Try gathering some tweezers, rubbing alcohol, a small bowl, cotton balls, band aids, and some antibiotic creams.


Start by simply rinsing the penetrated area with some warm water. Rinsing the area should help to slow the bleeding and and help to remove any other pieces of glass that may be on the area.


You will need to make sure that you place your foot on an area that is stable so you will not move the foot while it is being worked on. Try to get enough light on it so you can see what you are doing and make sure to get all the glass out of your foot. Take a cotton ball and dab it with some of the rubbing alcohol. Rub the cotton ball on the area of the glass to clean it thoroughly.


You will also need to wipe the tweezers off with some rubbing alcohol so they are clean as well. This alcohol will help decrease any chances of an infection setting up due to something on the tweezers or your foot.


You will then need to take the tweezers and gently pull the broken glass away from your foot. If the glass is very deep, try getting it yourself, but if you are not successful head to the emergency room as you do not want to aggravate the wound anymore.


If you are a success at getting the glass out of your foot, make sure to clean the area again very well. After it is well clean apply some kind of antibiotic cream and then cover the area with a band aid that is big enough to cover the entire area. Make sure to clean the penetrated area a couple of times a day to lessen the chances of infection happening. If you notice any kind of symptoms forming, please go straight to the emergency room so they can give you the proper care and help take care of your wound.

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