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How to get rid of fleas on a pregnant dog!

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Written by Natalie Mullins   

A dog is something that we all love! In order to get more dog's though, we have to let the dog's have puppies. Pregnancy for a dog is pretty much like a human except for a couple of difference such as a shorter gestation period. It is very possible for your pregnant dog to become over run by fleas and this is something that you do not want to happen as it could endanger the puppies while in their mommies tummies. There are some things that one can do however, to get rid of the fleas and not harm the puppies. Natural methods are of course the way to go when it comes to helping your pregnant dog get rid of fleas.


The first step to naturally eliminating fleas for a pregnant dog is to fill your bath tub with slightly warm water and place your dog into the water. Just run enough water to reach the bottom of the dog's tummy. Take a small container, separate from the bath water and pour a very small amount of dish liquid in the contain and add a small drop of citrus extract. Mix this together and wash the do all over with this mixture. Fleas are something that cannot live in soap or water so make sure to really soap your dog up. Wait for about 3 minutes and then drain the bath water and rise the dog. The fleas should come right off of her body.


Once you have rinsed the dog, take the time to brush her with a flea comb that can be purchased at just about any kind of pet store. Try to do this step while the dog is still standing in the bath tub. Dip the comb into the water mixture you used to bath the dog in and brush the dog while continuing to redip the comb. The comb is going to help get the fleas and their eggs of the dog and the soap and water will kill them as well. Depending on how bad the fleas are on your dog, you may have to do this a couple of times a day for about week or until the fleas are gone!


You can spray your pregnant dig with flea spray that is considered home made so it will not hurt the puppies. Try using a mixture of water, 4 drops of cedar oil and then 4 drop of lavender. Fleas hate both of those smells and will high tale it off the dog. Spray this mixture all over your dog a couple times a day for around a weeks time.


You can also treat all your dogs belongings like their bed and carpet area. In the morning though, make sure to take your vacuum and get everything vacuumed well and empty the vacuum cleaner outside away from your home.


If you are having a problem in your with fleas, try making your own kind of flea traps to get rid of them. Try taking a couple night lights or flash lights and leaving them on all nigh, near a bowl of soapy water. The fleas will be attracted the light and jump into the soap water by mistake and drown. This may need to be done for a couple of night to eliminate them all.


If happen to not have any citrus extract, try using some orange oil as it works just as well. Make sure you keep up with the routine described above so your pregnant dog does not have to suffer the entire time she is pregnant and then giving birth.

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