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How to Become a Licensed Security Agent in Illinois

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Security Guard Jobs in Security have to be what you make of them.  There are some pretty good agencies out there.  To become a Security Agent there are some things that you have to do and a background that has to be checked in order to gain a license. Security agencies seem to hire more in these times. Here are the steps that it takes to receive certification in this field......

1.) The Security Agent Course:

This is a three day course offered to those interested in the field.  The first order of business is to find the school that is said to be the best in the area.  The cost in 2007 was $65.00 for the three day class.

2.)  Studying and taking the test:

Each session is about 2 hours or so and it is a comprehensive review on laws that apply to your State that you probably did not really know and the required duties and knowledge of an Agent.  You will be given the major subjects of law that will be brought up on the test.  Listen to the instructor as best you can.  Study your notes when you take them home.

3.)  The test:

The test is not hard, but rather quite practical, as you will be going over what you have learned for the last two days.  Try to get the highest score possible.  Where as over 70 will pass you, you should try for higher so that you can know what Security really requires to be a success in it.

4.)  Issuance of Diploma and Certification:

On the day that you pass the test, you will be issued a diploma and a certification.  The diploma is for show, the certification is to say that you passed all needed criteria to become a Security Agent. This is what your ultimate Security job will need from you.  There will also be a photographer on board so that you can take a picture that you will send off with your papers that you receive to the State.

5.) Finger printing:

You cannot go to your Police Station and have your finger prints taken.  You must go to a Finger Printing Lab to have this done.  The school will give you a list.  The costs can vary over certain times but the last  inquiry of this was $55.00.  These finger prints are what the State will check your background on.

5.)  Sending off all your papers to the State:

The finger prints, the proof of certification (not the original), the picture and application will all go to the appropriate office of  the State.  You will  be informed of the branch and address.  They will do a thorough background check for criminal activities, fraud, etc.  This will cost approximately $55.00.

5.)  Getting your Certificate to work:

This is called the Blue Card or the Perc (Permanent Employee Registration Card) and will be sent to you once you are approved to receive it.  It will be valid for three years.  Every three years you must renew which costs approximately $35.00, a little more if you are late.  Peace.

*If you owe State taxes, State Student grants, this must be cleared up.

*They take criminal backgrounds seriously, but it depends.  There are some with records who have had them expunged over time, but it is a process.

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Carl Benjamin
I live in Illinois. Maybe I should try this.
August 17, 2010
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