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How to Make a Cucumber Boat Salad

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Turn a plain cucumber into a tempting appetizer filled with a chunky salad perfect for dipping. Styled after melon boats or the traditional bread boat for spinach dip, this smaller version is perfect for individual servings, especially when medium-sized cucumbers are used.

Ingredients for the salad can be altered according to personal tastes. Great choices include sweet crab meat, diced tomatoes, cream cheese and corn salsa dips, and other tantalizing ingredients.


two medium sized cucumbers (makes four) one sharp knife melon scoop one-half cup sour cream chopped imitation crab meat diced green onions one-half teaspoon garlic powder one-fourth teaspoon dried Italian dressing one diced tomato one carrot, grated

Step 1: Slice the cucumbers lengthwise, creating two matching halves. Use a melon scoop to hollow the shells, removing the flesh and seeds until all that remains is a sturdy rind shells supported by a layer of crunch cucumber flesh.

Step 2: Rub the inside flesh with a little garlic and olive oil if desired; chop the cucumber removed into small, diced pieces and set aside for creating the salad.

Step 3: Dice a tomato into small pieces and combine with the tomato. Add grated carrot, imitation crab, and onion, tossing together to form the solid ingredients for the salad; add sour cream, garlic powder and Italian dressing, stirring to coat the ingredients with spices and cream.

Step 4: Scoop a spoonful into each cucumber boat and spread to fill. Add until the boats are equally filled and no salad remains. Then cover the cucumber platter with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least two hours before serving. The boats can be refrigerated for at least a day if it's necessary to make them in advance for a special occasion.

Tips: Top with a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese or a garnish of colorful spices to enhance the aesthetic appearance of each cucumber boat. Bits of parsley also make a good traditional garnish.

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