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How to Make an Outside Wood Burning Stove

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Written by Isaac&Carmen Gutierrez   

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Writing this article brings great memories when I was young. Why so? I grew up in the country side and what we had was wood stoves. There are a lot ways to make wood stoves. Some of the ways is a little harder then others and others are very easy to have a wood stove outside. It’s a fun and healthy project to do with your family. Hope you enjoy this article in how to make an outside wood stove.

 Well the easy way to have an outside wood stove is simple. Go down to any antique store and purchase one. Most wood burning stove is made out of cast iron or steel. The stove has a front door and two or more removable plates so to install the wood. The stove has a chimney or a flue and an adjustable grate. The chimney or flue is for the hot gasses and smoke escape. Now that you now how it works and how it looks lets us get to the installation part.

Now to install it outside, like under a patio is easy. You can make a hole thru the patio roof or have it reroute thru the edge of the patio roof, it’s your choice. Just make sure your chimney/flue is well sealed so that smoke or fire does not escape.

 The second is an old Mexican style of outside wood stove. In Mexico they’re made out of adobe material. But you can make the stove from blocks or bricks. But blocks is much cheaper to make them. Why so? The reason is because it covers more area then bricks and the price is cheaper also. To make the stove you can start form it the way you want it but make sure there is an opening in the front of your stove and an opening in the bottom of the back of the stove where the chimney/flue will be installed.

Also you have to have an opening on top of the stove. Now you can coat the walls of the stove with cement like stucco. For the top of the stove, you can use a steel flat plate cut to size of the opening of the top of the stove.

Now for the third one looks like a fire pit. Its small and short but with a steel plate, on the bottom and on the top. You can make it in the same way that you the Mexican style stove. But in difference that is round and short. The stove can be made out curve edger’s that are about 12 inches long. Now for the plates it’s funny what it’s made from. You can use old cultivator disc that most of them are made out of steel.

Most cultivator disc can be found on farms. After you have made your wood stove you can install one disc on the bottom and the other disc on the top. You can use fire rocks on the bottom, so the heat can rise up to the top of the disc. Make sure there is an opening at the back also for the chimney/flue. Hope you enjoy your outside wood burning stove as I did.

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Ms Rebecca
Love this article- just what I'm looking to do this spring!
February 17, 2011
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