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How to Be a Totally Committed Christian

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Written by Tom Fowler   


Being a committed Christian is not easy and certainly no exercise in feel-good-about-yourself living. However, if you are willing to walk that difficult and, often, lonely walk with Jesus Christ, read on.

Things You Will Need:

Deep desire to be a disciple of Jesus Christ

Faith in Jesus Christ

Willingness to surrender your will to Jesus Christ

Step 1:  The different levels of commitment

Before we focus on the highest level of Christian discipleship, let us first overview what this writer believes are the three main levels of commitment.

Step 2:  The casual Christian

This person believes in Jesus Christ and feels some measure of conviction. So, there is hope for this person to develop a greater dedication and faith as he/she lives the life of challenge that our lord places in front of us all. Still, this person has not given Jesus Christ a high priority in his/her life and is a lukewarm disciple and witness to Christ at best. So, the bottom line for this person is that a great deal of spiritual growth is needed. Sadly, not all will allow it to happen (. . . many are called, few are chosen . . .).

Step 3:  The intermediate Christian

This person has given Jesus a greater place in his heart. This is a person of faith and her good works are noticeable to those in her sphere of influence. But, the commitment is not total; the willingness to change everything in order to follow Jesus Christ is not quite there. The good news is, this person is often aware of his shortcomings and feels the conviction upon his/her heart. There is an excellent chance that she will continue to grow in faith and spirituality. He is much better off than the casual Christian in his understanding of Christ and what is demanded of him.

Step 4:  The spiritually mature Christian.

This is where all of us should be. Hopefully, if you are reading this article, you do not need for this writer to point it out to you. This person has given Jesus Christ a predominant role in his life and walks a walk with Him that not nearly as many of us who professes to be Christians truly do. You may know a person or persons such as this. They are easy to spot because we sense their spiritual strength and make a deep impression upon us. These people are the salt of the earth that Jesus talked about. These folks put Jesus Christ first in their lives and in all they do. They may seem odd to the rest of us and perhaps a bit out of step with the world at large. It seems this way because they ARE out of step with the world! For they have made following Christ a higher priority than accommodating the secular world. You have noticed people such as these but, come to think about it, there are not as many of them as you would think, given the number of Christian people in the world

Step 5. How to be that totally committed Christian.

Explaining how to be a fully committed disciple is far easier than practicing it. Jesus Christ suffered greatly for us and it is no different for his disciples. How to do it? The answer is simple but not-so-simple to do: turn not only your life over to Jesus Christ, but your spirit, mind and body as well. Surrender your will to His and determine to follow wherever He leads. You may not notice much change at first, although you will undoubtedly view things differently. However, sooner or later you will find yourself going to places you never dreamed you would go and doing things you never thought you would do, for now you live for Jesus Christ. This is how it should be for, as a famous Christian minister and author has said, “It is not about you.”


When you accept Jesus Christ unconditionally, life as you have known it changes. It may become harder than before, but now you walk with Him. This is a wonderful blessing and more than enough reward in itself.


Surrendering yourself unconditionally to Jesus Christ requires a deep faith and a courageous act of will. It is not easy.

A common misconception is that, if you commit to Jesus Christ, life will become easier. In a huge world, this may happen for some and, for those, it is wonderful and something to be deeply grateful for. However, for many, spiritual tests, (temptations), sorrows and attacks from Satan are the norm. 


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