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How to Paint with Oils

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Written by Bill Hanks   



Many of us have visited art museums.  We have purchased art paintings, as decor for our homes.  However, only a select few individuals have taken the time to develop their artistic skills, through oil paintings.  This article will explain the basics of getting started with oil paints.

There is no one way to express your hidden talent.  When you paint, you either do landscapes, portraits or still life.  Each individual has to find their own way, when creating art from one of of these three methods.  Art should touch an individuals heart or their head.  Some individuals enter a mental zone, when doing art.  They lose track of time and things happening around them.

Oil painting requires two important things.  Those things are time and patience.  Try not to get frustrated.  Oil drys slow. From time to time, you have to take a break.  During these breaks, examine the color, edges and value of your composition.

There are five important areas to consider when oil painting.  They are color, composition, edges, values and textures.

1.  Color; Work towards harmony with your color.

2.  Composition;  Is how you put your oil painting together.

3.  Edges;  Where two or more paint colors meet.

4.  Values;  Depth illusion is where paints overlap.

5.  Textures;  Thin and thick paints with oils.

Materials needed;  water soluble paints, brushes (for beginners), canvas, easel.

Paints will come in tubes.  Try to go with cheap paints at first.  Colors needed will be Titanium White, Ivory Black, Cadmium Red, Permanent Alizarin Crimson, Ultramarine Blue, Pthalo Blue, Cadmium Yellow Light, and Cadmium Yellow.  Pick up a book on how to mix paints.

Brushes can be very expensive.  However, with the proper care, you can use them over and over.  Purchase 2 small, 2 medium and 2 large.

Canvas;  Always begin with the least expensive.

You will also need newspaper, and brush cleaner.

Finally, pick a subject and get started.

sources; Emptyeasel.com

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