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How to Reduce Waxing Pain

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Waxing can cause serious pain for some. You hold your breath and hope for it to be over. Waxing does not have to be torture. With a few easy methods, waxing can become almost painless. It is best to go to a professional to get your wax, they will help you to relax and the job will get done quicker. However, if you are going to do a self wax, please follow these tips.

1. Take a pain reliever of your choice 30 minutes prior to your waxing session. This will help to minimize pain.

2. Use a numbing spray 30-40 minutes prior to waxing. These can be bought at your local drug store. Please read the bottle to make sure the numbing spray can be used wherever you want to wax. (Ex. You do not want to pick up a numbing spray for legs and then use it in your bikini area).

3. Apply direct heat by taking a hot shower. The steam from the shower will help open up your pores making it easier for the hair follicle to release easing the pain.

4. Wash with a body scrub containing real lemon. The lemon will help to soothe the area before waxing.

5. Trim off the hair about 1/4 inch before waxing, if the hair is too long, you may end up ripping the hairs off instead of pulling them out by the root. Then you will have to wax again which will cause more pain.

6. Use talcom powder before waxing to soak up oil and so that the wax will grip to the hair and pull every hair out.

7. After waxing, put your hands on the area for pressure. This will immediately help to relieve any excess pain that you may incur. 8. Use a hair inhibitor when your wax is complete to make less hair grow back. That way your next wax session should be little to no pain at all.

Do Not:

Shave before waxing

Tone the area

Use ice to numb the area

Drink alcohol or coffee.

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saesult said:

I never knew about numbing spray. Waxing is such a painful experience. But I can use the tips given in this article. Thanks for them.
August 29, 2010
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Margie Lynn said:

Margie Lynn
Great tips, I have always wanted to wax my eyebrows, now maybe I will.
September 02, 2010
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