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How to Make a Taurus Commit to You

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Taurus, ruled by Venus can be a good lover. However, he must be handled with care. Otherwise, he can quickly leave the scene. If you wish to know how to keep him with you forever then read the steps and follow them all.

Step 1: Be curvy. That little extra pound is attractive to Mr. Taurus. So you will immediately gain his attention.

Step 2: Don’t wear much makeup. Taurus men usually like natural beauty. However, that does not mean that they are into Miss Universe types. They will settle for anything that looks good to their eyes, for they are not too fussy about skin.

Step 2: Be his friend first. This man can be deeply picky about who he wants to be with because he does not wish to be hurt. So by being his friend you let him know your personality.

Step 3: When conversing with him be stable. Taurus tends to run away from women who are unemotionally stable because drama is not something easily accepted by Taurus man. So you need to take anger and cursing out of your system.

Step 4: Show him that you are full of energy and curiosity. It is not easy for a Taurus man to be too open. So you must initiate things so he becomes comfortable with you.

Step 5: Believe in the institution of marriage and morals linked to sex, and let him know about it. This is highly important. Women who are promiscuous and often go into short term relationships are not easily digested by a Taurus man. He prefers someone who is traditional in every sense.

Step 6: Show him that you are interested in him. As mentioned above, Taurus men have a problem opening up. But if they see you being nice to them they will make an attempt to ask you whether you want a long term relationship with them.

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jblovly said:

great article. can you do one on gemini and scorpio?
July 25, 2010
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