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How to Stop Car Window From Leaking

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Written by Thomas Conroy   

Introduction: Car window leaks can be an annoying problem that can happen in a car of any age. Luckily, the repairs required to stop a car window from leaking can be completed in 30 minutes or less with no mechanical skills necessary.

Step 1: The first issue to stop a car window from leaking is to locate the leak. The best way to do this is have someone stand outside and using a garden hose spray water on a rolled up window, while another person inside of the car locates the leak.

Step 2: When the source of the leak is found it is always due to 2 possibilities - either the window glass is chipped or broken or the window molding is loose. Window glass in disrepair needs professional assistance, but window molding is easy to fix.

Step 3: Roll down the window and using a screwdriver pry the molding away from the door frame a small bit, and then grasp it with a pair of pliers and pull it free.

Step 4: Clean the channel that the window molding fits into, and then place a liberal amount of auto sealant into the channel and press the molding back into place.

Step 5: Use duct tape to hold the molding in position until it dries completely.

Tips: Don't be afraid to use a large amount of auto sealant - you can always wipe the excess away.

Warnings: Give your repair a chance to dry thoroughly before driving the vehicle or it won't take.

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