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How to Freeze Corn

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sweet corn

This recipe covers how to freeze corn. Freezing sweet corn is the best way to lock in that fresh sweet corn taste so it can be enjoyed all year long in your favorite sweet corn recipes. Of the many fresh summertime vegetables that can be frozen for later use, none are easier to put up than fresh sweet corn. Once sweet corn comes into season there is often an abundance of it and one of the best ways to save the extra harvest is by freezing vegetables such as sweet corn.

1. The secret to the best tasting frozen sweet corn is to prepare it as soon as possible after it has been picked. After picking sweet corn the sugar content starts to fall as the sugars change to starch. Don't let the sweet corn sit for more than 6 hours for the best flavor. Keep the sweet corn cool and don't store it in heat retaining plastic buckets or bags or in a hot car. Put it on ice or in an air conditioned area if it cannot be prepared right away. Heat will dry the corn out and cause the corn to go sour. If you have never shucked and cleaned sweet corn, read my other article: How to pick and shuck Sweet Corn. Freezing vegetables such as sweet corn is not hard to learn and gives the cook the ultimate control on what goes into the corn recipe.

cutting corncorn on the cob

2. The supplies needed for freezing sweet corn include: a good sharp butcher knife, a large 8 to 12 quart stock pot (the size really depends on how much corn your are going to prepare), a large spoon or ladle, and containers for freezing the corn in. In terms of figuring the yield, usually a bushel of sweet corn or about 60 ears will produce some 8 to 10 quarts of corn depending on the size of the ears and how well filled out they are. Freezer bags, plastic freezer containers, or even empty margarine and whipped topping containers can be used to store the corn as long as they will seal well. A good cutting surface for slicing the corn off the cobs is necessary. I have found it best to cut the corn off the cobs rather than freezing corn on the cob. The cobs take up too much space and seem to draw flavor out of the corn.

cutting corn from the cob

3. After shucking, wash it and do a final cleaning at the kitchen sink to remove all the silks and to cut off any bad spots. There is going to be a lot of splatter when preparing corn so you might want to cover the surrounding area with paper or towels. It is important to use a good sharp knife that is not serrated. You can either hold each ear upright on the cutting surface, such as a plate or cutting board, and slice the kernels off onto the cutting surface or you can hold the ear over the large pot and slice the kernels off over it. For whole grain corn slice the whole kernels off near the surface of the cob. For cream style corn cut just the tops of the kernels off. With either method scrape the liquids out of the part of the kernels that remain on the cob, using the edge of the butcher knife.

spoonful of corncorn4. Once all the corn has been cut off the cobs and is in the large stock pot, it needs to be brought to a slow boil. Do not add any water or flavorings to the corn as it will make its own liquid and can be flavored when thawed for eating. Starting on a low heat setting slowly bring the corn to a boil and boil it for 2 minutes. Watch the corn carefully as it can scorch easily. It can then be ladled into the freezer containers leaving at least an inch of head-space to allow for expansion. Use a cold water bath in the sink to cool the containers before placing them in the freezer.

containers of corn

5. It is important to clean up the preparation area as soon as possible because any corn splatter will be very sticky and hard to remove once it has dried. Wash down all the surfaces while the splatter is fresh. Put all the corn cooking utensils in to soak or wash them right away. Growing vegetables such as sweet corn is a great way to keep the pantry stocked with delicious and healthy food choices. If you are looking for more information on vegetable gardening, vegetable recipes, and garden planning, check out my website, Grow it Vegetable Gardening. I hope this recipe on freezing vegetables helps when it comes to learning how to freeze corn.

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Very good idea. Thanks for the tips. 5*
October 29, 2010
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Carl Benjamin
You can't beat corn on the cob.
October 31, 2010
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Peggy H said:

Peggy H
Good instructions for preparing sweet corn for the freezer. Yum!
October 31, 2010
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jmarwayne said:

Love the photos and step-by-step instructions!
November 01, 2010
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bossypants said:

Delicious! Wonderful to have garden fresh corn all year!
July 07, 2011
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