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How to Make Two Spy Crafts For Kids

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Written by Polly E.   

These are two different writing crafts that are very simple for kids to do. They can use these for spy or secret agent games. They do not take a lot of supplies either to complete.

Invisible Writing Supplies

* White paper

* White crayon

* Paint brush

* watercolor paint

Invisible Writing Instructions

1. Have the child take the white paper and white crayon and write a message on the paper.

2. If they are playing a spy game, they can write a message that will lead the other person to more instructions.

3. The other child uses the watercolor paint to paint over the paper and see the message.

4. Any color paint will work.

5. Once the paint is on the paper, the message will show through.

Hieroglyphic Secret Message Supplies

* White paper

* Pencil

Hieroglyphic Secret Message Instructions

1. On a piece of paper create symbols that will represent each letter in the alphabet and each number 1 through 10.

2. This is the key that will be used to decipher any messages written in the hieroglyphics.

3. Have the child write a message using the symbols that match the letters and numbers.

4. They can then give messages to each other without anyone else being able to read them, unless they have the key to use.

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