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How To Make Your Period Shorter

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The one thing that many women do not look forward to is getting their period. Why? Because, for many women, her period brings lots of pain, fatigue, cramps, etc. Many women strive to have a shorter period. There are a few easy ways to shorten your period making it go away much faster than average 5-8 day cycle.

1. The first thing to note is that blood needs proper circulation in order to flow quickly. One option is to use a heating pad on your abomen. The heat will encorage the blood flow by dialating your blood vessels.

2. Try to get as much exercise as possible. The day before your period have a 30 minute cardio workout to help cramps the next day. On the day of your period, do another workout for 30 minutes.This is also aiding in circulation of your blood.

4. Remember to have many clear liquids. Drinking water will not help your period go by faster, but it will help keep your system clean and hydrated for a smooth flow. Dehydration can actually delay the time of your period.

3. Take a hot shower or have a hot bubble bath whenever possible. This will not only ease the cramps, but will also get that blood flow moving quickly.

4. Try to steer away from any type of salty food. Salt will make you bloat. It will also delay the flow of your period. Instead go for fruits and vegetables. A healthy body makes a faster period.

5. If you do not want to deal with your period at all, you may want to look into birth control. Talk to your doctor about the different birth controls available. Some types of birth control can limit your period to only having it 4 times a year.

5. Bring yourself to an orgasm by masturbation. Having an orgasm contracts the uterus muscles which will cause your blood to move faster.

6. The last way to shorten your period is menstral extraction. This can only be done by your doctor so please do not try this in your own household. The doctor will use an instrument to suck the blood out of your uterus. This method is not commonly done. Usually only professional actors, dancers, and athletes get this procedure because it is important that there period goes by faster.

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