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How to Keep Insects Away from Your Dresser

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A dresser helps you keep your pressed clothes organized and at the same time enhances elegance to your room. However, it also is vulnerable to unwelcomed guests, insects. Do not worry. You can easy keep those guests away from the dresser by taking the following steps:

Things You Will Need

*Sachets made from net (available in most craft stores)

*Dried lavender petals


*Any anti-bacterial cleaning agent (Alcohol is recommended)



Step 1: Count the number of drawers the dresser holds.

Step 2: For each, keep two sachets.

Step 3: Next empty the drawers.

Step 4: Clean it with anti-bacterial cleaning agent.

Step 5: Once the drawers have dried, place your clothes in it.

Step 6: Next put the lavender petals in the sachets.

Step 7: Tie the knots of the sachets so the lavender petals cannot fall off.

Step 8: Insert two sachets in the two corners of your first drawer.

Step 9: Repeat the process for all drawers.

Step 10: You are done. Now these lavender petals will keep insects away from your clothes kept in the dresser.


Tips: If lavender is not available in your country use neem leaves or lemon grass.

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