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How to Grow African American Hair

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African American women tend to have curly hair, that seems as if it does not grow. However this is not true. African American hair grows at the same rate as any other persons hair at about 1/2 inch a month. The problem that most African American women have is keeping the growth, thus, minimizing breakage. With my process in this article, your hair should improve in a months time. However, this process can be hard to maintain, so you must be willing to follow these guidelines daily and efficiently.

1. It is important that your hair has water. Do not try to stretch between shampooing and conditioning. You need to shampoo and conditioner your hair shortest at every week and longest at every two weeks. Also, make sure that you drink that right amount of water each day. If possible, spray your hair with water during the week (some people will not be able to do this due to frizziness). Some people rely on hair vitamins, but they work no better than a single multi-vitamin. So drink water and take your multi-vitamin. If possible, also try to minimize sugars, a healthy diet helps hair grow.

2. When shampooing your hair, it is best to buy a shampoo/conditioner so that you do not strip all the oils out from your hair when washing it. Wash your hair with the shampoo for about 7 minutes then rinse with lukewarm water. Do not use hot water because heat damages African American hair and cold water tends to make the hair tangle.

3. After shampooing, condition your hair. Most bottles say leave in for 5 minutes, but black hair needs to be processed a little longer. Condition your hair for about 15-20 minutes. Then wash out with lukewarm water and proceed to dry your hair.

4. While hair is still wet, make sure to use a leave in conditioner to keep your hair strong, I recommend Palmers Coconut Milk. Also, grease your scalp with coconut oil, the protein in the coconut will help your hair not to break and to grow stronger. Coconut also helps retain the natural color that you have in your hair. It is very important to keep your hair moisturized.

5. Always keep your hair trimmed. It is best to get your hair trimmed every 4 weeks. Make sure to ask them not to take off too much knowing that your hair only grows 1/2 inch each month unless your ends are extremely dead.

6. Do not scratch your hair. If you must scratch your hair, use the palms of your fingers instead of your actual nail. The nail can cause your to make split ends right at the hair shaft. Thus, be gentle with your hair. Do not brush hair, but instead, use a wide toothed comb combing from the tip of your hair to the root to rid of tangles. Only use a brush if you really need to like to smooth back your hair.

7. It is advised to go natural because natural hair is stronger than chemically treated hair which minimized breakage from little to none.

8. If you are not natural, it is vital to get touch ups when your natural hair starts to grow in. If you do not get a touch up, the natural curly hair and the permed hair creates a weak point that will bend and break off.

9. Do not wear your hair out all the time, sometimes, you can wear protective styles like a wig (half wig, lace wig, pony-tails), braids, corn rows, etc, to help your hair grow. However, please make sure to trim your hair when you take these protective styles out, and do not do any style too tight.

10. The mistake that many African American women make is that they believe that hot oil treatments should be done one a week or once every two weeks. This however is false. The hot oil can actually damage the cuticles of your hair. If you must perform a hot oil treatment, limit it to once a month and do not heat up the oil so that its hot, but instead warm. Warm oil will penetrate into the hair shaft and the scalp giving your hair its benefits without burning and damaging it.

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