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How to Use a Razor Comb

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Razor combs are used to shorten, shape, and thin the hair. Razor combs are great for layering the hair which gives you an edgy look. Razor combs can also give you a classic look with soft layers. Whatever the case may be, knowing how to use a razor comb can help you achieve these looks.

What You'll Need

Razor Comb

Your actual Hair or Mannequin Head with Hair

1. If you just want to thin your hair out, take out the sections of your hair that you want to thin. If the section is really thick then you may razor comb your hair from the root up. If the hair is thin, you will want to start from the middle of the hair and work your way down.

2. To layer the hair, you also want to do this is sections. Only with this, you want to concentrate more on the ends of the hair. Use the razor comb and comb downwards. Start in the front of your hair making sure the front of your hair is shorter than the back for perfect layers.

3. To give your hair a more choppy look, use the razor comb in whatever places you like alternating between upward and downward motions. Be sure to know what type of style you want on your hair so that you know which motion you should use on your hair with the razor comb, or else you risk making a mistake.

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