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How to Make a Kachina Doll
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Written by Bill Hanks   

Kachina dolls were hand carved wooden dolls made by the Hopi Indians of the southwestern United states.  Each doll represents a being from the spirit world.  This is a craft article that explains how to make one out of art materials found around the school, art class or home.  These are great for children to make.

You will need the following supplies for this craft.

Cardboard tube from toilet paper or paper towels.  Scissors, tape, hot glue, Styrofoam ball or ping pong ball, Tempera paint of different colors, brushes, felt, fabric, construction paper, yarn, feathers, beads, buttons, ribbons and thick cardboard from a solid box.  This cardboard is for the doll's stand.

1.  Make 2 slits up about a third of a way on each side of the tube.

2.  Make 2 more short slits at the end of each of these.  This will cut a T shape on each side.  These will roll in to become legs for the doll.

3.  Curve in these T's and tape them together.  They will form two separate legs.  Tape each leg securely.

4.  Hot glue the Styrofoam or Ping Pong ball to the top of the cardboard tube.  This forms the head.

5.  Paint the head first.  Let it dry and then place facial features and hair on it.  Glue yarn as hair on it.

6.  Cover the body legs and body with colored fabric, felt or construction paper.  This can be cut to size and glue on.  set it aside to strongly dry.

7.  Decorate with feathers, buttons, small sea shells, beads on this part of the body.  Very small items will glue on easily.  Feathers should be on the sides or backside of the doll.  Make a small necklace, to go around the neck area.

8.  Cut the cardboard base the way you want it.  It can be oblong, square, triangular, round or a pool of water.  Next paint and design this piece the way you want it.  Some place stickers on it like stars, moons, butterflies etc.  You can even use colored beads on it.

9.  Use hot glue and glue your doll to it.  Set it aside to strongly dry.

10.  Name your doll.  You can write it on the base, if you want.

source; enchantedlearning.com

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jswana said:

This the second craft of yours that I will refer to. Great and thanks for sharing.
July 13, 2010
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Margie Lynn said:

Margie Lynn
Love these crafts, thanks for sharing.
July 14, 2010
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