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How to Relax after Retirement

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Written by Tom Fowler   

How to Relax after Retirement

Things you will need:

Flexible attitude

Open mindedness


Relaxing after retirement is tied in with adjusting to retirement but is not quite the same thing.  Here, we will focus on what you need to do to “let your hair down” after retirement.

Step 1.

The first few weeks; months, maybe, it will seem as if you are vacation. However, sooner or later the day will come when you realize that the vacation is permanent and you are not returning to work. At least, you will not be returning to your career job. You will not be able to relax and enjoy it until you realize and accept that this part of your life is over. You may find this harder to do than you think now.

Step 2.

Relaxing is indeed different than the across the board adjustment you need to make to your new status as a retiree. Adjusting means that you must arrange your finances and figure out what to do with the free time you now have. Relaxing means exactly that. You must be able to feel comfortable with your new status and learn to enjoy the upside of retirement.

Step 3.

Finances are major reason why many persons cannot let down and enjoy themselves upon retirement. For sure, these are valid concerns, especially if you live to be 100 years old. However, you should have received a pension if you were an employee of a company of any size at all, plus you should have a reasonably healthy portfolio. (If you do not, why did you retire?). The key here is to not go crazy with your new found freedom. Develop the attitude that, while you must always watch your financial resources, you will enjoy some of it while you are young and healthy enough to do so. If you are a parent, you will naturally want to leave something for your children, but there is no need to leave all of it. While you can, have some fun!

Step 4.

Relaxation is a mindset you may have to work to cultivate. There is no need anymore to get up early or work late – unless that is your preference. Deadlines and other forms of job pressure are now the concern of others. Let all of this stuff go. You may have a much shorter window of time than you think to do what you want to do and enjoy yourself, for health issues; even sudden death, may occur at any time.

Step 5.

Taking a more relaxed attitude toward life does not mean that you develop an undisciplined, unhealthy lifestyle. You will always have family responsibilities and other cares and concerns if you are a thoughtful person. Retiring from your life’s work simply means that your situation has changed and some of the pressure is off. Accept this for what it is and take advantage of being able to slow things down.


From steps 2 and 5. You are retiring from a career, not life. You will always have concerns in this unpredictable world. Accept this as unavoidable fact, but enjoy your new status as a retiree.


From step 2. If you retired for any reason other than your own choosing, your adjustment and ability to relax will be different, because your needs will be different. So will your mindset. Nobody likes to get caught in corporate downsizing, whether you are able to retire or not.  


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Margie Lynn said:

Margie Lynn
I am getting close to retirement! Great article.
July 14, 2010
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