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How to Deal with the Office Tattle-Tale

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Written by Tom Fowler   


Most of us have been in an office or work group with a person who likes to snitch to the boss. Sometimes the presence of such a person is relatively harmless. Other times it is more serious, but having to deal one who likes to curry favor with the boss is always annoying.

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Step 1:

Sometimes your tattle-tale is simply a person who likes to gossip. This person is not intentionally malicious but the effect of his/her words can be just as lethal. Other persons of this ilk are more dangerous, for they can be petty and mean-spirited for no good reason other than because they wish to be. The best defense against your office snitch is to do what you should be doing anyway – considering carefully what you say and do. In an office or work center, the walls have ears.

Step 2:

Watch carefully how the boss responds to his/her “storyteller.” (This writer’s mother used to refer to gossipy people as those who would “carry a tale.”). Some bosses like having someone like this around to keep them informed of what is going on behind his/her back. Others will be annoyed by the fact that an employee is trying to play them. Whichever is the case, most bosses recognize these people for what they are. 

Step 3:

When dealing with a snitch, treat him as you would anyone else and do not let her know you are on to her. Two can play the cat and mouse game and you have the advantage of knowing something the snitch does not – that you are not fooled by him.

Step 4:

The office snitch can at times be useful. If you wish to float a rumor of your own, telling it to the snitch is better than running an ad in the newspaper. You may find it to your benefit to say something nice about the boss from time to time. Chances are good your words will make it to his ears, especially if your snitch is of the non-malicious variety. 


The malicious storyteller is the most dangerous. Maintaining your reputation and professionalism must be your highest priority when working around such a person. Someday it may be your good name against a nasty, unfounded rumor.

If you boss likes gossip, re-read the tip above.


If you are your office tattle-tale, take some friendly advice and cease that behavior right now. You are not fooling anybody and you are diminished in the sight of not only your boss but co-workers as well. Clean your act up. Everyone around you will recognize your greater maturity and professionalism and respond in kind.

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Gotta love office politics. Thanks for the info!
July 07, 2010
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