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How to Make a Lapbook
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Written by Lynn Webb   

Lapbooks are a great educational tool that are very popular with homeschoolers and are gaining in popularity with classroom teachers.  A lapbook helps a child learn about the subject and it is something they can look back on to refresh their memory later about the subject.  This article is to teach you how to make a simple lapbook.

Step 1:  Choose a subject to use.  The subject you're doing your lapbook on should be broad enough to have many sub- categories, but not too broad that the subject goes on forever.  The category "animals" may be too broad, but "animal classification" or "horses" would be ideal.  The category "history" wouldn't be so good, but "pirates" or "pioneers" would be great.  Just make sure the category is broad enough that you can have at least 8-10 sub- categories.

Step 2:  After you choose the subject, choose mini books and printables to go along with the subject.  Don't overwhelm your student by doing to many mini books in one day.  Your student may need a lot of your help, especially if they are younger.  Store the mini books that have been completed in a large plastic baggie ( I use the 2 gallon size) until you have them all done.  You can check out this page if you need help finding resources for your lapbook: Lapbook Resources

Step 3:  After you have finished the study and the mini books and printables are complete, you are ready to assemble the lapbook.  Take a file folder and open it up so you are looking at the inside of it holding it so its width is longer than its height.  Fold the outside edge inward so that the edge is touching the middle and crease the fold.  Then do this to the other side so that both of the sides are now in the middle and the file folder opens like a shutter from the middle.

Step 4:  Arrange the mini books on the inside of the file folder (now a lapbook) so they all fit on.  Glue them into the lapbook only after you have the arrangement that you want.

Step 5:  Decorate the front.  There are many ways to decorate, some of my favorite ways are to use die cuts, stickers, coloring pages, or have your student draw on the front.

Your lapbook is now done.  Your child will probably enjoy looking back over it and remembering all that they have learned.




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Lynn W said:

Lynn W
Yes, they would be great for travel. Some homeschoolers have their children do a lapbook on the places they are going to visit. Even parents that do not homeschool could do this with their children while on summer vacation.
July 01, 2010
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