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How to make your Backyard into a Beer Garden

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Written by Bill Hanks   

Many individuals have patios and decks, for entertaining their friends.  However, you can easily convert your backyard into your own personal beer garden.  This article will give you some suggestions on how to develop your backyard into a beer garden.

Beer gardens got their beginnings in Germany.  They were an open area attached to a beer drinking establishment.  The first beer garden appeared in the United States about 1919 in New York.

Step 1;  Select an area.  Some individuals use their entire backyard, others use just a small area of it.  You want to locate your beer garden where you can easy access to it.  You want it close to a restroom area if possible.  You also need a shady area.  You want your guests out of the sunlight.  Your goal is to make them as comfortable as you can.

Step 2;  Tables and chairs.  Old picnic tables can be painted and maintained very easily.  They are also easy to move and can be done quickly.  Deck furniture can work good, too.  You can use lawn chairs of all types.

Step 3;  Fencing.  A good beer garden has fencing to maintain privacy.  However, it is not necessary.  If you have fencing, you can hang advertisements on it.  This will give you the affect of an authentic beer garden.

Step 4;  Coolers.  You need coolers and beer buckets with ice to keep your drinks and food cool.  You don't need to get too fancy on this.  Some places have access to an old refrigerator.  However, they are not necessary.  Beer buckets are great.  You can take them to your table and keep bottled beer chilled.

Step 5;  Music.  All beer gardens have some form of music.  Many have country music, but you can select music that you like.  A variety of music will keep everyone in a good mood.

Step 6:  Lighting.  You might want to consider citronella candles.  This provides light and keeps insects away.  Low watt light bulbs or best.

Step 7;  Refuse control.  Have trash cans located away from your tables.  This is more sanitary and keeps insects away.

Step 8;  Beer and snacks.  No beer garden is complete without snacks and beer.  Variety in both is a good idea.

Finally, keep in mind that you are responsible to a degree for the individuals in attendance.  Consider a key check and substitute drivers for your guests.  Have fun, but use common sense.

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