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How to make a rope lamp

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Written by Jennifer Wagner   

Turn an old lamp into something special by learning how to make a rope lamp.  If you have an old lamp up in the attic that you never use anymore, that's perfect for this project.  If not, be on the lookout for an inexpensive lamp at a yard sale or flea market.  Then, follow these steps to learn how to make a rope lamp.

Materials needed to make a rope lamp:Rope lamp

Lamp  (wider based lamps turn out looking best) Sandpaper New rope (approximately 1/2" diameter) Hot glue gun

TIP - When working on your rope lamp, it's best to work outdoors when you are sanding.  It is also recommended that you wear a respiratory mask to prevent lung irritation.

Gather together your supplies and follow these steps to learn how to make a rope lamp:

- Sand the lamp -  Sanding the surface of the lamp will allow the hot glue to better adhere.  Just a light sanding is all that is necessary to prep the lamp.

- Attach the rope -  Begin at the base of the lamp and generously apply hot glue.  As you glue, wind the rope around the base of the lamp.  Continue this process until the entire lamp is covered with rope.  Be careful not to leave any gaps or empty spaces.  If you miss a spot, quickly go back and cover the space with rope.

That's all there is to learning how to make a rope lamp!  The entire process should take less than 20 minutes. 

TIP - Attaching the rope may be a bit difficult for some people.  If you have someone that could assist you, one person can apply the glue while the other attaches the rope.

As with any lamp, the lamp shade you place on your rope lamp can literally make or break the entire look.  Select a lamp shade of a solid color, preferrably a neutral shade, that has a wide bell base.  Stay away from frills, scalloped edges or decorative finishes.

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