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How to make a Capricorn Woman Commit to You

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A Capricorn woman is known for being stable and loyal in relationships.  She is perfect for those who are looking for unconditional love and happiness.  That said, it is not possible for all to get a hold of this woman, for she opens up to only those who live up to her expectations. do not get intimidated. It is not that difficult to make her commit. Just follow the simple steps given here and soon she will be yours.

Step 1: improve the way you dress up. Capricorn women like men who appear neat and tidy. It is not that you have to spend your income on buying fancy shirts. Just wear simple shirts and she will take a notice of them.

Step 2: When seeing her appear serious and to the point. Capricorns do not like useless conversations and people who are not serious about life. So you must talk of what is necessary. Also let her know that you care about yourself and that you have goals for your future.

Step 3. Be a gentleman to her. Etiquette is something that attracts the Capricorn women. In the same way, bad manner pushes them away.

Step 4: As you meet her, get to know her. This you have to do to keep yourself in safe position. Capricorns are logical people. To make them commit, you have to show the logic that you have made up your mind to be with them only after you have known them well.

Step 5: Next, be persistent in seeing her. This will make her trust you.

Step 6: Let the words out, but in a serious way. Capricorns do not like people who play games. Therefore, let her know that your intention towards her is good. Also tell her of the reason that has made you like her so much. Stay calm as you explain her everything and soon she will say yes!


*Do not flirt with her in obvious manner. Flirting can have a tendency to push her away from you.

*Do not humiliate her. Capricorns cannot stand being embarrassed or humiliated.


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