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How to Make an Easy, Little- Sew Beach Cover Up From Bath Towels

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Written by grannygoodearth   

Beach or pool cover-ups are great accessories for the warm summer months but how about one that helps to dry you off while you look fashionable? Here is a "pattern" for making an easy, little-sew cover-up that you can make from bath or beach towels. It's inexpensive to make, easy to construct and can be placed in your washer and dryer when needed. You'll like it so much that you'll want to make one for the kids!

You will need:

-two bath or beach towels depending on the width needed to cover you. Keep in mind that the cover up is not sewn closed on the sides so it doesn't have to completely meet

-coordinating ribbon

-scissors, ruler, pins

-thread, needles (sewing machine optional)

-matching or coordinating square wash cloth (optional)


To assemble:

1. Place the two towels right side together.

2. The narrowest end of the towel will be the top where you will slip your head through. To join the two towels and create an opening for your head, measure 6 inches from each end and pin in place. This will leave an ample opening in the middle so you will be able to slip your coverup over your head.

3. Sew the pinned ends together.

4. Flip the cover-up over and measure half way down each of the long edges of the towels. Mark the half way point with a pin.

5. Cut 4 lengths of ribbon 10-12 inches long.

6. Sew one piece of ribbon to each side of the towel as pinned. The ribbon ties will close the sides of the cover-up.

7.  You can sew a pocket or pockets on your coverup by pinning a square wash cloth to the cover-up and sewing three of the four sides. (Remember to leave the top side open!)

You can make several of these for next to nothing and in very little time. For small children try large kitchen towels. You can easily convert character beach towels into one-of-a-kind beach cover-up for a favorite child.

Now you and your cover-up are ready for the beach or pool! Have fun!



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Lets09 said:

wow!! I love to do this. Thanks for sharing.
November 02, 2010
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