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How to make a Wooden Pallet American Flag
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Written by Bill Hanks   

A great way, to express your patriotism through art, is by making a wooden pallet American Flag.  This article will explain how you can make a shabby wooden pallet into a visual display of art.

You will need an old wooden pallet that is in one piece.  You also need a yard stick, red, white and blue paints, paint brushes, sand paper, carpenter pencil and a star stencil of about two inches in diameter.

Step 1.  Lightly sand down the wood planks on one side of the pallet.  Try to select the cleanest side to use.

Step 2.  Use you yard stick and mark off the upper right one fourth of the pallet.  This is where your stars will go.  You can place your stars in a line or in a circle like a colonial flag.  If you go with a circle, find the center point of this square. Use a string and a pencil to make the circle.

Step 3.  Use your stencil to place your stars in an organized way.

Step 4.  Paint your stars with white paint.

Step 5.  Paint the upper fourth all blue.  This will be around the stars.

Step 6.  Paint the upper pallet boards red.

Step 7.  Paint the lower pallet boards white.  This will give you a three dimension look.

You can then use your art work in various ways.  You can simply display it against a tree or post.  You can place plants on it.  You can use it for whatever use you need it for.  You can hang it on your shed or barn.  Keep in mind that it resembles an American flag, so you want to respect it.

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goodselfme said:

Thank you for the directions.Sounds really nice.
June 13, 2010
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