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How to Make a Bead Roller from Polymer Clay
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Written by Rebecca Suzanne Delaney   


A bead roller is a simple device used by jewelry artists to make polymer clay beads and metal clay beads (silver, copper and bronze). Many commercial bead rollers are made of hard, clear plastic, but you can use polymer clay to make your own bead roller. Bead rollers are typically made in two pieces: a top half and a bottom half.

Step 1

Gather your tools and equipment. You will need 6 ounces of polymer clay, your polymer clay tools and a large tube to create an impression in the polymer clay. Scrap clay is great for this project.

Step 2

Condition your polymer clay with your hands or a pasta roller designated for crafts.

Step 3

Roll the conditioned polymer clay into the shape of a large log. The log must be wider than the tube you plan to use to make your impression.

Step 4

Push the tube into the middle of the polymer clay log to create an impression. The beads you create will be determined by the shape impression you make in the clay.

Step 5

Use texture tools to create textures in the polymer clay impression. Skip this step if you do not want your beads textured.

Step 6

Repeat steps from the beginning to create a second half for your bead roller. Take care that the second half is the same size and shape as the first, or your bead roller will make wonky beads.

Step 7

Bake the polymer clay in an oven designated for craft use, according to the polymer clay manufacturer’s instructions.


Moderately Easy

Things You'll Need

Craft pasta roller (optional) Polymer clay Texture tools Tube, broom handle or spoon handle


Artists often use something to measure the amount of clay needed for the bead roller so the beads made are uniform in size.


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