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How to Make Wine Cork Key Chains
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Written by Peggy Hazelwood   

Make wine cork key chains and justify drinking that bottle of wine. Put your old wine corks to good use and make lightweight, charming keychains to use or give as gifts. The materials needed are minimal making this fun craft ideal for crafters on a budget.

cork key chain

Wine Cork Keychains (Photo by Peggy Hazelwood)

For each wine cork key chain, gather the following materials:

-  one cork

-  piece of heavy gauge wire

-  several beads

-  pliers, wire cutters

-  a split ring (key ring)

Step 1:  Run a heavy wire through the wine cork from top to bottom. Test the cork to see how easily the wire goes through. If the cork is especially stiff, it may just bend the wire. If so, use a heavier wire or an ice pick to create a track in the cork for the wire.

Step 2: Thread the wire through the cork so it extends through the top and bottom of the cork.

Step 3: Thread some beads on both ends of the cork.

Step 4: Bend the wire at the bottom making a decorative loop or coil. Make a loop at the top and thread a split ring (key ring) through it.

This craft project can be wrapped and presented to anyone for a quick gift that is useful and unique. Keep some on hand for gifts for Father's Day, birthdays, and hostess gifts.

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ladym33 said:

Those are so cute.
June 08, 2010
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Peggy H said:

Peggy H
Thanks, ladym33! And they're very easy to make.
June 08, 2010
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bar10dr98 said:

What a cute idea, love it!
June 23, 2010
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carmen357 said:

Nice project to do thanks!
October 29, 2010
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