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How to Kill Fleas With a Household Cleaner

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Written by Melinda Billingsley   

Fleas are an irritation to our animals and to us especially when they are biting us.  Fleas to animals cause worms, a lot of scratching,  and stress.  Well I have found that a cleaner that we use around the house to clean and freshen it up can be used for fleas as well.  I have found pine sol cleans your pet, makes them smell loads better, and kills fleas at the same time. 

First, you need to have at least two containers of water.  One container would be for washing the animal and the other would be for rinsing the animal.  You will pour the pine sol on the animal and began to wash in a washing motion.  When you believe you have washed and reached every spot on the body to fully clean your animal then we move to the next step. 

Now, you will rinse the animal till you are sure all the pine sol is off. You may need to get another container to rinse one more time to make sure you all the pine sol is off.

Now, you take a towel and rub there whole body to dry them.  This step will dry them as well as catch and remove all dead fleas as well as some that may be still alive.  You may want to either throw the towel in an outside trash or immediately put in the washer with bleach to kill living fleas and take away dead fleas.

Warning make sure you do not get it in there eyes, nose, mouth, or ears but do try and wash head as well cause they will go there and hide.  Also one more warning make sure you rinse all the pine sol and do a double rinsing .

If you do not they will scratch as if to have the mainge and scratch all there hair off. If you do this maybe twice a month then you can get rid of there fleas. In order to make sure they do not keep getting them you will have to de flea the area in which they are getting them as well.

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June 03, 2010
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