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How to care for fine-textured, African American hair

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Written by Judith Reynolds   


A common misconception is that coarse hair is strong hair.  To the contrary, African American hair can be coarse, yet fine, and therefore, fragile and susceptible to breakage. Perceived problems in growing hair long is actually the result of premature breakage due to overhandling fine strands.

The following is a suggested evening routine for fine-textured, relaxed African American hair:

Step 1:

Moisturize the hair ends using a leave-in conditioner, diluted moisturizing conditioner or even a light body lotion.  Seal the moisture in using a light oil.

Step 2:

Crosswrap the hair around the head to prevent tangling during sleep.  Separate the hair into two equal pieces as if you were going to make two pony tails.  Instead overlap the pieces, bringing the pieces around the head.  Pin in place using duckbill hair clips.

Step 3:

Protect the hair from stress and undue manipulation while tossing and turning during sleep by wearing a silk scarf or sleeping on a silk pillowcase.


For extra moisturizing and conditioning overnight, wear a plastic cap under the silk scarf. The hair will be damp in the morning.  Remove the plastic cap and silk scarf and allow to air dry. Hair will be smooth and straight and ready for styling.

Duckbill Hair clips

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Carl Benjamin said:

Carl Benjamin
I am not a professional on hair styles, but this is well written. Good job.
June 02, 2010
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