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How to Master Roulette - Use this Strategy!

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Need a better strategy for how to master roulette? Not able to get the results you are looking for with your current strategy? Your current misfortune will change, after you read this article. Below are some vital tips you can use, to master the game of roulette.

Make sure you have an adequate bank roll to last through the bad spins. With any strategy that you use in roulette, you will need a suitable amount of cash to support you through your entire game at the wheel. The wheel won't spin in your favor every time, so to beat the wheel you need a sound strategy and enough cash to win against a game that initially has an edge over you.

Place bets on eitherĀ red or black. Start out placing your minimum bet on red or black. If you win, you will place your bet on the opposite color. If you lose, you will want to double up your bet on the same color that just lost for you.Ā If you keep losing every time you double up your bet on the same color, keep betting it because every time you lose the odds increase in your favor.

Think to yourself; how many times can the color black show up in a row. The odds increaseĀ moreĀ for red to come up, when black starts to show consecutively.

Do not play roulette at online casinos!! You can't master roulette, if you are being cheated. If you use this strategy, use it in a real casino with real roulette wheels. You shouldn't trust online casinoĀ games, because you don't know who is manipulating the online games on the other side. To make sure you are protected, go to a real casino in your area.

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poiklp said:

first off you got part of this wrong.... when playing black/red you need to be careful when you double it, just because you have had 5 or so blacks in a row, DOES NOT mean you odds of getting a red increase. Also have a warning... it is not that uncommon to have five or so of these in a row
October 05, 2012
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