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How to Kill Fleas Without Pesticides

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As summer approaches, so does "flea season" for indoor and outdoor pets.  Although there are a variety of pesticides for combating these little invaders, many homeowners prefer to try simple homemade solutions or organic alternatives to protect indoor and outdoor pets from harmful chemicals.

A variety of easy-to-use products and techniques can help control fleas and their larva, reducing the population inside the home. Help eliminate existing fleas and their eggs with both simple household solutions and organic products with powerful insect control properties.

Eliminate Flea Eggs

Kill fleas before they hatch by using a light bleach solution to eliminate eggs.  A mild detergent that contains bleach (for instance, "Gain") can be dissolved in water and mopped over linoleum or wood floors in a quick, periodic application. Use a sponge mop and slide the solution underneath the edges of sofas, tables, and other furnishings, where fleas typically lay their eggs.  Take care not to splash or come in contact with rugs or upholstery to avoid bleach spots.

Place a light sprinkle of salt underneath couches, chairs, and other low furnishings whose dark spaces tend to attract fleas. The salt should follow the circumference of the furniture, just out of sight in the dark, since fleas typically hop a few inches beneath the object before laying their eggs. The salt will dehydrate or shrivel the eggs; after a few days, vacuum up the salt and apply a new layer to treat the spot.

Repelling Adult Fleas

Repel adult fleas from occupying rooms by tucking walnut leaves into corners or beneath furniture (but away from pets). Many natural remedy enthusiasts believe walnut leaves deter fleas, both fresh and dried varieties. Store them in a satchel or thin cloth pouch to display without attracting attention to the foliage.

Discourage adult fleas from hiding in pets' fur using powdered Brewer's Yeast. Sprinkle it on the animal's fur and rub lightly into their coat. The brown substance supposedly repels fleas when applied directly to the animal or when ingested in the form of crushed tablets or a food-sprinkling routine, since the powder can be safely ingested by pets.

Combating Flea Populations

For a sudden flea infestation, make a "flea trap" that will help reduce the population overnight. A simple shallow dish filled with water and a small trickle of soap is placed beneath a glowing nightlight in an area where the fleas are observed gathering. When the room is dark, the fleas will leap towards the light and land in the softened water -- and subsequently, drown.

Whether combating future flea populations or controlling household pests, a few low-chemical or natural solutions may help relieve the problem without endangering pets. For many homeowners, avoiding poisonous flea shampoos and "flea bombs" is the first step in fighting summer flea infestations.

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