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How to Find Back Pain Relief using Acupressure Points

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An alternative treatment for chronic back pain involves the use of acupressure points on various parts of the body. By applying pressure to these points in the right manner it is possible to relieve back pain and muscle stress. The causes and types of back pain are many and while the use of acupressure will not cure or treat the causes of chronic back pain, it will help to make living with the problem more bearable. The pressure points shown in this article are easy to find allowing anyone to learn acupressure therapy techniques that can be used at home to relieve back pain.

1. Recognize what acupressure therapy can and cannot do for the body. The use of acupressure as a source of relief for chronic back pain should not be seen as a cure or treatment for back pain. The causes of back pain are numerous and often hard to pin point because of the complex nature of the human spinal system. It is a system made up a endless array of bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, blood vessels, and tissues, with hundreds of joints and attachment points. No back pain can be cured without first knowing its cause and under going a proven treatment for that cause. Acupressure has been used for centuries to treat pain and while how it works is not fully understood, it is a proven pain remedy. It is believed that by applying pressure to certain key points on the body that pain killing endorphines, produced by the body, are released. Suddenly occurring and chronic back pain should always be checked out by a physician certified to diagnose back ailments. Acupressure treats the symptoms of back pain not the causes.

2. To find the first set of acupressure points that are for back pain and back aches, use your finger to trace a line from the belly button around the side of the body to a point some 2 inches from the spine's center. The other point is on the opposite side of the spine. Depending on your flexiblity you may have to get someone else to apply pressure to these two points for a slow count of 100 or about 2 minutes. Don't apply enough pressure to cause pain or discomfort and gentle massage the pressure points while pressing on them.

3. For the next set of acupressure points, place the hands on the hips with the index finger and thumb forming an open "mouth" over the hip. The index finger should point forward and the thumb extend toward the spine. The two points, over the tops of the kidneys, where the thumb tips lie, are the pressure points. Most lower back pain will respond when pressure is applied to these two points for 1 to 2 minutes. Besides applying constant pressure to these points, pain relief can also be had by tapping on them with a knuckle about 10 to 15 times each. While working these points try rotating the hips and bending forward from the hips several times to relieve stress.

4. Another set of pressure points for back pain relief is found directly behind the knee caps, in the center of the of the crease formed when the knee is bent. These two acupressure points may again require help from someone else to apply enough pressure to them correctly. Use the finger tips to apply pressure straight down right in the center of the crease for about 1 minute. You can lie down and bend the knees up, one at a time to reach these points yourself or lay down on your stomach and have a helper apply pressure to them. Acupressure is a great pain therapy and back pain treatment that can be used as an alternative to costly pain relieving drugs that can have dangerous side effects.

5. There are two acupressure points above the heel, just below and behind the ankle bone that protrudes outward. Place the thumb and index finger on either side of the ankle joint in the depressions and apply pressure to pinch the joint at these two spots. Apply pressure for couple of seconds and repeat the process for 10 times for back pain relief. Another good thing about using acupressure for pain relief is that it can be used at any time with the worry of over dosing and whenever it is needed.

6. Finally there are pain relief pressure points in the hands that can be manipulated. There are two points on the back of the hand, centered between the wrist crease and knuckle bones. Make a fist and note the four knuckles. The acupressure points are located on either side of a line from the knuckle of the index finger to the wrist crease at the center of the back of the hand. They are a finger's width apart and can be activated by direct pressure and by massaging them for about a minute.

The next time you find yourself suffering from chronic back pain, be it from a herniated disc, arthritis in the joints, sciatica pain, or pain in the back lumbar region, give these acupressure back pain treatments a try and see it they won't give you some back pain relief. Check out my other article on relieving carpal tunnel pain, How to relieve carpal tunnel pain using acupressure.

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