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How to Keep Diesel Fuel from Gelling

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Written by Sharyl Stockstill   

Diesel fuel contains wax-like particles. As temperatures drop, the waxy particles solidify. If your diesel fuel is cloudy, but not yet gelled that is known as the Cloudy Point. If the temperature drops more, the diesel fuel will gel and will not be able to flow through your truck system. Under harsh conditions, diesel fuel lines can freeze completely rendering your vehicle useless.

To prevent diesel fuel from gelling or freezing, you can purchase an anti-gelling agent. Anti-gelling agents are actually dispensed in the northern sections of the United States when you fill up your fuel tank. You may want to use your own anti-gelling agent as well as they work in conjunction with the station’s supplement.

In the southern states, anti-gelling agents should always be used during cold weather. Finding your vehicle will not start due to the diesel fuel gelling is not the best excuse to get out of work.

If your diesel fuel is cloudy, do not run the engine. You risk clogging up your diesel fuel lines with the wax-like particles.

Step 1

Unscrew the cap for your diesel fuel tank.

Step 2

Pour in the recommended amount of diesel anti-gelling additive according to manufacturer's recommendations. Usually, a quart of anti-gelling product will treat three to four tanks full of diesel fuel in most standard size pickups.

Step 3

Fill your tank with diesel. This will help to mix the product in with the diesel and will provide you with a more accurate amount of anti-gelling product to add to your diesel fuel.



Things You'll Need

Anti-gelling additive Empty diesel fuel tank


Add the recommended amount of anti-gelling product if your diesel fuel tank is pre-filled. Mix the product into the fuel by allowing the vehicle to idle for five minutes or, alternatively, you can drive your vehicle a few miles to aid in the mixing. This will also help to distribute the product into your fuel lines.   If your fuel lines are frozen, there are several products on the market that will help to thaw the diesel fuel. Check with your local auto parts dealer for recommendations for your area. 

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