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How to Make Edible Cookie Paint

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Written by Darlene Michaud   

How to Make Edible Cookie Paint

Painting cookies is a fun food craft project for kids of all ages.  So, next time you make a batch of cookies, why not paint them!  Making cookies paint is quick and easy.  Then you and the kids can have fun painting the cookies before you bake them.  Painting cookies is a simple way to decorate cookies because you don't need to work with messy frosting.  Cookie paint creates an edible work of art.  And painted cookies make a great gift to give to friends and relatives.

Step 1:  Beat an egg yolk in a small bowl with a fork.  You will need one egg yolk for each color you want to make.

Step 2:  Add a few drops of food color to the egg yolk and mix it in.  Just remember that the egg yolk is yellow, so when you add food coloring, the color will not be true.  But you can play with it and come up with some very nice colors to use to paint your cookies.

Step 3:  Make your rolled cookie dough or buy ready made cookie dough and cut shapes as desired.

Step 4:  Paint the cookies using various colors of cookie paint.  You can use any craft paint brushed to apply the cookie paint, as long as they are new and clean.

Step 5:  Bake the cookies as directed on the package or according to your recipe.

Step 6:  Let the cookies cool then store them in any covered container or zip lock bag to keep them fresh.

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