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How to Get Cheap Kitchen Appliance

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Written by Catherine Woods   

Kitchen appliances can be very expensive to replace, which can be a real burden to a cash strapped home owner.  So what do you do when your dishwasher or refrigerator goes out and you are low on fund to buy a new one?  You save every penny you have and use these tips to get your replacement kitchen appliance cheap.

Step 1: FreeCycle

Start with Freecycle.org to find the appliance you need.  Freecycle is where people in your area can list items to give away that they no longer want.  Please note that any appliances you get on Freecycle will be used, may be in need of repair and may not be exactly what you are looking for.  However, look at it this way; if you get a free refrigerator that needs a $20 part, it is like getting that refrigerator for $20.  Also, keep in mind that you will have to pick up the items you get, so be sure you have a friend with a truck.

Step 2: Classifieds

If you cannot find an appliance on Freecycle, look to your local classified ads for a good deal.  Quite often, people replace working appliances because they simply want to upgrade.  These people are also willing to sell the appliances cheaply just to make room for their new appliances.  Take advantage of this and get a good deal.  Just make sure any appliance you purchase is in good condition so you will not be repeating your search again in three months.

Step 3: Habitat for Humanity

Look to see if you have a local Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  People donate their new and used items for the home for Habitat for Humanity to sell so they can raise money.  Because the items in the store have been donated, the items are sold at significantly lower prices that you would otherwise find.  So look to see if you can find the appliance you need here.  Not only will you be getting a cheap appliance but the profits will go to a good cause.

Step 4: Surplus Stores

If you do not have a local Habitat for Humanity, look to see if you have a home improvement surplus store in your area.  These stores buy extra stock from bigger retailers for a large discount and then pass those savings on to the customer.  This means that you can find the same brands of appliances at these stores for much less than you would elsewhere.  So look here to see if you can find a brand new appliance on the cheap.

Step 5: Home Depot or Lowe’s

If all else fails, check out your local Lowe’s or Home Depot.  Though the initial prices at these home improvement stores may not be the best, there are things you can do to drive the price of your new appliance down.  Start by getting a discounted gift card online for the price you want to spend.  Most discounted gift cards gift cards at these stores will save you around 10%.  Then find a discounted scratch and dent model that will fit your needs to get the appliance even cheaper.  Once you have found the right appliance for you, use a 10% off coupon and make sure you get free delivery with your purchase.  Doing these things should save you several hundred dollars off the initial cost of the appliance.

Just because some people spend thousands of dollars on one appliance does not mean that you have to.  There are plenty of places to look for cheap appliances.  So, start looking now and you will be able to find the kitchen appliance you need without spending a fortune.

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