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How to Make a Homemade Quilting Frame

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Making hand crafted frames using quilt is not a typical one. Since it is complicated to make a quilt, the need for an embroidery machine and special skills is necessary. While it can be done by hand, the need to use one hand while holding the frame and the other hand by making the quilt design will make and specifically come up with a nice and colorful wall design. Multi-tasking is needed if the maker desire to come up with a nice quilt result. This is one of a kind craft that requires much attention. It will last for the longest time too.


Place a joint on an elbow form and align them altogether. PVC pipe is one of the most durable materials in using quilting frame. Forming a corner set can be done using 4 sets of small PVC pipes. Place 2 PVC elbow shaped pipes and make them face up. Adjust them to form an opposite direction; this process is needed to be able to come up with a perfect form of frame. When making a 2nd square, repeat the steps done in step 2 with the 2 corners elbow to form a set. This time, the PVC pipe sets should be unattached. By making the PVC unattached, the need to make a frame form for the quilt will be now much easy. There is no need for a complicated task because the familiarity involved is now within reach. Spread the patches over the frame and place it in a position where it will ready to be used. The screening process is very important because in this process, the maker will surely be relieved of the stress brought about by forming the PVC in making the frame. Find help from books, magazines and other resources such as internet. Through it, it will be easier to make the entire frame process making more comfortable.

Although glue can also be used in making the PVC frames, it will be more durable when glue cement is used. It is stronger and guaranteed best for PVC. It will make the frame stronger and last a lifetime. Making crafts out of not so familiar materials such as PVC pipes is not hard to do. It just takes a little creativeness to come up with a nice outcome. Making things from scratch will surely make people happy and fulfilled.

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