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How to Sew Cushions for Adirondack chairs

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Upon looking for a comfortable chair cushion for patio and backyard use, an Adirondack chair made from flat wooden slats will be beneficial and useful for the whole family. The cushion will serve as a seat cover at the back of the chair, since it also contain ties for security, it will cause comfort to the user.

The process of making an Adirondack chair cushion is so easy, the fact that selecting the right fabric is one of the options; anyone can easily use it for outdoor use. The canvas type of material is one of the most suitable for cushion chair. It is also important to choose the right type of fabric to be able to hold the cushion accordingly.

Cutting 20x30 inch piece of foam which is meant for the back and the other one should be 20x18 pieces for the seat, the process will be easier to make the process easier along the way. Cutting 2 23x44 inch pieces of fabric, by simply using the right sides along with the ½ inch layer used, the sewing process needs to start. The standard weight thread should be sewed along with the 2 44 inch sides and 1 23 inch side. Sew it again for added durability. Turn around the side to the outer part. Now that pillow case is shaped. Insert foams inside the cushion case. Make a fold over the edges. A button can be used and sew it to make it durable. This can be done to close the case of the pillowcase. A pinned fabric should be done to make an indented line across the case where the 2 pieces of foam meet. This process will allow the separation of the 2 pieces of foam and make the cushion bent. Hand sews the line from one side of the cushion to another. It can be done by hand sewing if a sewing machine is not available. Ties are very important because it will secure the cushion in place. Cut a 4 2x14 inch piece of fabric. Lay down each piece using the wrong side faced up. Turn each of the edge by ½ inch to make them meet in the middle. Pressing and folding the entire strips in lengthwise but make sure, they are in half form. Sew afterwards and stitch along both edges. A zigzag stitch to finish the raw edges will be very helpful.

Making homemade cushions for Adirondack chairs is not hard. Creative minds are the ones needed to make this craft possible.

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