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How to Relieve Carpal tunnel pain using Acupressure

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Among the methods used to relieve carpal tunnel pain, acupressure is one of theĀ best drug free alternatives to try.Ā Acupressure or the use of pressure points to control pain and relieve stress and inflammation is an ancient medical alternative therapy related to acupuncture and reflexology. Carpal tunnel sufferers will find that if used correctly, acupressure therapy can greatly decrease and in some cases even halt carpal tunnel pain. This article covers how to find and stimulate pressure points to help control the symptoms of carpal tunnel. To learn more about carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms and other treatments read my article, "How to live with Carpal Tunnel"

Learning acupressure means using the correct method when stimulating the pressure points for the greatest effect and to not cause additional harm. Apply pressure using the fingertips, thumb, or knuckle, directly down onto the pressure point and massage gently in a small circular motion. Start with soft pressure and gradually increase the force but don't apply it so hard as to cause pain. Keep up the pressure for a slow count of 100 or around 2 minutes. If watching TV while doing the acupressure therapy, do each pressure point for a run of two to three full length commercials. When trying to find the right spot to apply pressure, feel for the area where the nerve is tense or sore. Do not use acupressure on body areas effected by warts, scars, burns, or injuries. There are acupressure schools and acupressure classes that teach the art of reflexology as it pertains to the whole body.

Ā 1. Starting at the hand, the first acupressure point for relieving carpal tunnel pain is found on the back of the hand just above the web of skin that is between the thumb and index finger, at the highest point of the muscle. Place the pressure point between the thumb and fingers of the other hand and apply a steady pressure using the tip of the thumb pointed straight down on the point. This pressure point should not be used by pregnant women.

2. Carpal tunnel pain often requires the use of anti-inflammatory drugs. Drugs that have side effects and that can cause liver and stomach problems in some people. Using acupressure therapy can be an alternative treatment to drug use without the side effects and dangers.

Ā 3. The second acupressure point lies on the inner surface of the wrist, right at the point where the wrist bends, between the two tendons that run from the hand up the arm. The easiest way to find this point is to bend the wrist upward and right in the middle of the crease feel for the tendons. Allow the wrist to relax back in a laid out position while applying pressure. Do not use so much pressure on this point to cause pain or soreness and do not use it if doing so causes the fingers to tingle.

4. To find the next point turn the hand over and apply pressure on the back of the wrist directly across from the previous point. It is important to keep the wrist straight when using these pressure points to stimulate the nerves. The bending of the wrist is what pinches the nerves, leading to a loss of nerve sensation along with inflammation of the joint. Stimulating the nerves using acupressure causes the nerve impulses to flow through the joint and releases natural anti-inflammatory chemicals into the body.

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5. The next two pressure points are located just slightly higher up the arm and again are directly opposite from each other. Measure some three finger widths up from the bend in the wrist on the inside of the forearm. There are two bones that make up the lower arm and the acupressure point is between those two bones with the other point directly opposite it on the back side of the forearm.


6. Next move up to the elbow and bend the arm up slightly with it pointing forward. At the inside of the elbow bend there are two pressure points, one on either side of the large tendon. With the elbow half bent upward feel for the tendon on the inside of the joint. It should feel harder than the tissue on either side of it. Apply steady pressure first on one side of the tendon and then on the other with the arm relaxed.


7. For the last two pressure point again bend the elbow but this time extend the arm across the front of the body like it is in a sling. One point is at the outside of the elbow crease and the other is some three finger widths from that point in a straight line going toward the thumb. To find this last pressure point feel for the most tender area.

While learning acupressure and using that knowledge can help with carpal tunnel pain and stress, it should not be seen as a cure or exclusive treatment for the problem. Seek professional help for all chronic and reoccurring pain and joint health problems. Try the different acupressure points mentioned and see which ones work the best for your condition. If you suffer from back pain, read my other article, How to find back pain relief using acupressure points.

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