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How to Program Your RCA Universal Remote Control

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Written by Ann Aguilar-Yoshi   

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A Universal Remote Control (RCA) is really convenient if you have many entertainment devices or equipment at home. You will no longer use those multiple remote controls coming from various equipment once you can program your Universal Remote Control. It's easier to program your RCA Universal Remote Control if you have an option to use the "Automatic Code Search" mode or program but if you don't have one, you could still do it.

1. Start by turning on the component that you wish to program. Next, press and release the component button on the remote that is consistent to the component that you want the remote to operate like your TV, DVD, VCR, etc.

Take note of the slightly lighted or illuminated "On-Off" button because this will start to turn on and stays on. Start pressing both the component and the "On-Off" buttons and observe because this slightly lighted "On-Off" button will turn off and will return to be on again.

2. Release both the component and the "On-Off" buttons after the "On-Off" button turns back on. Take note that the "On-Off" button needs to flash or light up. You can now press and release the "Play" button.

When you notice that the component is not responding after 5-6 seconds, just continue pressing the "Play" button every five seconds until the component turns off.

Take note that every time you'll press the "Play" button, the "On-Off" button will also flash or blink ten times. You will receive a list of ten codes for your component, a procedure conducted in a certain manner in order to search and find all of the codes. Generally, the "On-Off" button will flash or blink four times then turns off and the Auto Code Search is exited if the component has not turned off after all of those codes have already been thoroughly searched.

3. Press and release the "Reverse" button when the component turns off. Pause for awhile and observe if the component turns back on again. Just press and release the "Stop" button so that you can save the new code for your RCA Universal Remote Control.


Your RCA Universal Remote Control might already been programmed in order to operate for the brand of TV, VCR, or Cable Box. Check these following codes (TV-000, VCR-000, Cable Box-000, AUX is programmed through VCR-037) for your pre-programmed RCA Universal Remote Control.

The "Indicator Light" of your RCA Universal Remote Control flashes or blinks to show that the remote is working.

The "On-Off" button operates the same as your original remote although there are some models or brands that require you to press the "On-Off" button to turn the device on and off like the RCA, ProScan and GE.

The "Play, Reverse, Forward, Stop, Pause and Record" buttons operate the same way as your original VCR or DVD remote but you need to press the "Record" button twice in order to begin recording the shows or movies that you like.

Your RCA's "Prev Ch" button will allow you to go to the previous channel that you had selected. This button simply operates the same as the "Last Channel", "Recall" or "Go Back" button on your original remote.

The "Enter" button is used to complete the channel selection for some models or brands of TV and is also used to finish the code entry process. it also applies or operates as a "Select" or "Ok" button in the "Menu Mode".

"Code Search" is used to program the remote or search through codes while the "TV, DBS-CABLE, VCR, and DVD-AUX" buttons are used to select the device you want to control.

There are RCA Universal Remote Control brands that require programming and there are two ways to program them. You can use the "Code List" or "Code Search". Use the "Code Search" if the "Code list" is not available or if the codes from the said list does not operate your device.

You can just visit a website like the Thompsontv.com/rcarc.html for your RCA universal remote control programming (TV, VCR and Cable Box) codes.


Take note that reprogramming might be required for your RCA Universal Remote Control once the batteries are removed. Usually, your RCA requires 2 new AAA alkaline batteries.

You can easily install these batteries on the back of the remote by pushing and sliding the cover off. Just match the batteries to the + and - marks or signs inside the battery case, then insert them. Press and slide the battery cover back into place and you're ready to use your universal remote control.

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Frewriter57 said:

Thanks for the great tips. Some remotes are confusing to program 5*
May 20, 2010
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jswana said:

Great guidelines on programming your RCA Universal Remote Control.
June 14, 2010
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