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How to Make a Pisces Man Commit to You

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Many astrologers say that it is important for women to behave helpless in order to make the Pisces men commit to them. This is utterly misguiding. If you seriously want to have a relationship with a Pisces man you need to actually do the following.

Step 1: In your mind have clear intention about the relationship. Yes, it is important even when you first see him without even a relationship. A Pisces is good at reading mind because it is pyschic by nature. So anything you think will be easily picked up by him.

Step 2: When you talk to him be logical and let him know that you have vision for the future. A Pisces man knows that he can easily lose his path and thus he wants someone who would keep him focused towards one definite direction.

Step 3: When you date him be gentle. This is highly important because a Pisces man is very sensitive and thus gets easily hurt. If he sees ruthlessness in you he might simply not give himself to you at all.

Step 4: Show him that his help in your life is necessary. A Pisces man likes the idea of being helpful to women going through emotional turmoil. So call him when going gets tough for you and he will make sure that he stands by your side. However, do not fake it. Recall Pisces is intuitive! So any lie you say will be easily caught by him.

Step 5: When you date be consistent. This will allow him to know that you are stable.

Step 6: Let him know that you like him and that you want a relationship with him. Yes, this part is extremely important. A Pisces does not usually initiate and tends to go with the flow. That is, if you keep sleeping with him, he will keep doing it. If you keep dating him he will keep doing it until you stop. The problem with these two scenarios is that at one point they will make him feel tired and thus charter new waters. Therefore, you have to reveal to him that you two are in a relationship.



For a Pisces, first impression counts. Therefore, when you are pursuing him stay conservative.


The steps given here will easily work on a typical Pisces. But remember, a person’s personality is made by many other signs found in his natal chart. Those signs can be more dominating. Thus, these steps might not be useful to pursue every single Pisces. Also Venus sign is most important than a Sun sign.


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