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How To Get The Perfect French Manicure

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Having perfect nails are essential to a persons overall presentation. Since many people tend to talk with their hands, it is vital that their nails are clean and groomed. Also, if you are going to a job interview, not having your nails groomed may give off the  impression that you are not a cleanly person.

In this article, I will give you steps to achieve the Perfect French Manicure. If you are not a person who likes the idea of a French manicure and just want their nails to be clean and groomed, this article is also for you for my first steps will deal with cleaning and shaping the nail.

What You'll Need:

Nail File

Clear Nail Polish

Pink or Nude Nail Polish

White Nail Polish

Nail Clipper

Almond Oil or any type of oil that you prefer.

Nail Coverings/Tips (Optional)

Soap and water

Rubbing Alcoho

Paper towel


1. Wash your hands in the sink with warm water and soap.

2. Fill up a bowl with your desired soap and hot water. Here you will soak your nails in the solution for about 10 minutes. This process eliminates any debris or dirt that is underneath your nail. It also softens your cuticles so that they can be removed or pushed back.

3. Dry off your nails. Take the end of your nail clipper, and use that pointy piece to clean out underneath your nail, just in case there is remaining dirt and debris after cleaning.

4. After your nails are all clean and dry, you are going to want to shape your nails. First you will need to take your nail clipper and cut down each nail so that no nail is longer than the other, thus, they are uniform.

5. Then take your nail file and file each nail to your desired shape. If you want your nails rounded, take the nail file and go in a curved motion around each nail. The higher you arch the nail file, the pointier your curve will be on your nail.

6. If you want square nails, take the nail file and move back and forth on the top of the nail. On the edges of the nail, you are going to want to file in a diagonal motion so that the top of your nail is slightly smaller than the bottom portion.

7. Now that your nails are clean, shaped, and groomed, it is now time to get the Perfect French Manicure. If desired, you may stop at this point because your nails are groomed and clean.

8. Take some rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and rub it on the surface of each nail. This will eliminate any oil that is on your nails. Nail polish adheres better to a dry surface.

9. Now it is time to paint your nails. If you wish, you may adhere nail tips to your nails if your own nails are not long enough for you.

10. Use a base coat and paint each nail. Let it completely dry.

11. Use your pink or nude polish and paint each nail with upward strokes. First start one stroke in the middle, and continue to paint the other two sides. Let it dry completely.

12. Now this is the tricky part, the white tips. It is easiest if you buy the Migi Nail Art pens or any nail art pen to achieve a perfect line. But if you do not have a nail art pen or a skinny nail brush, you can do it with a steady hand.

13. Take the white nail polish and slowly make a "U" shape on each nail tip. You may also make a diagonal stroke on one side of the nail, and a diagonal stroke on the other side overlapping to make a "U" shape.

14. If you have a nail art pen or the skinny brushes for your nail polish, draw a "U" shape at the point of where you want your tips to start. Fill in the portion with the white nail polish with upward strokes.

15. Let this completely dry.

16. Now all that you have left is the top coat. Paint all of your nails with the top coat in upward strokes and let dry.

17. When nails are completely dry, take a drop of almond oil and apply it to each nail to get the French Nail shine. I recommend almond oil because it has properties that help harden the nail polish and the nails, but you may use any oil that you like.

18. You are now done with perfectly groomed French Manicured Nails.


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Nice intro picture, great guidelines. Thanks for sharing.
July 10, 2010
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