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How to Stay Positive While Looking for a Job

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Written by Priscilla Benfield   

job search With unemployment rates still high and lots of competition for available jobs, looking for work can be a challenge. It is hard to stay positive about your future when it has become more difficult to find a good job. Searching for a new job or career takes some creativity and keeping a positive outlook. How to stay positive when faced with constant rejection takes practice but will help you to find a job.

Expand your search.

Apply for jobs that you normally would not consider applying for. You can use the experience interviewing to perfect your skills and you never know if the company that you interview with may have other positions open that will be just right for you.

Consider part time employment.

Getting your foot in the door by taking a part time job may open up to full time in the future. Don't worry about only working part time, at least you will be working and being out in the work force will boost your self-esteem.

Every day a new opportunity awaits.

Wake up each day with an open mind to any opportunity that presents itself. Try to see the positive in interviews that you might have. Even if you do not get the job, learn from the interview and critique how you can make the next interview work in your favor.

Keep a routine.

Spend time applying online every day. Physically go out and look for work. Dress professionally and always have a copy of your resume to leave with a prospective employer.

Use a mantra.

Whether you write it on a piece of paper and display it on your bathroom mirror or other place where you will see it daily, repeating a positive mantra daily can help you to stay focused. Positive thoughts help positive things to happen.

Fight depression.

If you feel discouraged or down about your job prospects, take a break from your search and do something good for yourself. Take a walk to clear your head or go window shopping. Doing something that will keep you from having a pity party for yourself can go a long way to helping you stay positive about finding a job.

Settling for a survival job.

In this day and age, with jobs being so few, having to settle for a survival job is sometimes a necessity for financial survival. Remain focused that you are doing what you need to do and consider it a temporary fix for your financial survival. Continue to look for a better position while you do what you need to do. Staying positive while working a job that you hate is the biggest challenge but consider that you are lucky to have a job. Remember what unemployment felt like.

See yourself in the job of your dreams.

Visualization can help you to remain positive even though it feels that you are not succeeding in your job search. Think of every resume sent and interview as experiences to learn from. The more you interview the better you will get at it. The more your resume is sent out the greater the chance for the right employer to find it. Picture what it is you see yourself doing and focus on that goal.

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paul said:

A lot of people could use these tips!
September 06, 2011
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Susan Golis said:

Susan Golis
I like this article because it helps the job seeker to stay positive and focused. This is a great homepage article, very helpful....Congratulations!
September 07, 2011
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bossypants said:

These are very resourceful ideas! I "settled" and then a perfect job opened up at the same company and I moved into just what I wanted! Keep the faith, job seekers! A worthy article for the front page!
September 09, 2011
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