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How to Make Silverware Wind Chimes with Serving Spoon and Fork Heads

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Written by Peggy Hazelwood   

Silverware wind chimes view from below. (All Photos by Peggy Hazelwood)

Make silverware wind chimes with just four utensils. Vintage silverware has been used to make windchimes for ages. Choose some interesting looking pieces for added charm. This wind chime uses old silverware but with a twist.

Things You'll Need

1 large serving spoon

3 fork heads

fishing line

silvertone wire, 20 gauge, about 16 inches (more or less)

Step 1:

Bend the serving spoon. The serving spoon will be the base of the windchimes. Bend the handle down so the decorative handle faces down. Bend the bowl of the spoon down so the bowl faces down. Use pliers with a cloth wrapped around the spoon so you don't mar the silver.

Step 2:

Cut or break off the handles of the forks. Use a jeweler's saw or bend the handle close to the fork head. Bend the metal back and forth to weaken the silver to remove the handle.

Step 3:

Use pliers to bend the tines of each fork head. Make them stick up at odd angles or whatever looks good to you.

Step 4:

Wrap fishing line around the fork heads. Tie several knots to secure the line to each fork head.

Step 5:

Tie each line to the spoon handle by tieing several knots at the top of the spoon handle. You don't want your silverware wind chimes to fall apart!

Step 6:

Wrap the wire around the spoon handle in the middle separating each length of fishing line from each other to keep them for tangling on the handle. Spread them apart about an inch each. Create a hanger by wrapping the wire around the handle and up and around until it is secure.


-  Experiment with different utensils to get the sound you like.
-  Vary the length of the three lengths that hold the fork heads but close enough that the forks clink together.

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